HTML IMG resizer

Recently I wanted to vizualize huge (2000+) amounts of pictures from my Microbes databases and it was surprisingly convenient to use Adobe Bridge to index and browse them. Now, I mainly use Bridge to select images by Tags corresponding to the parts of the "microbial-world" documents I'm working on.

However, when I drag & dropped these picts in a HTML page (using Dreamweaver), they kept their original size, which is large enough to get a decent definition, but not very convenient to vizualize in a browser.
Thus a programmed a little tool for scaling all images, either by a fixed ratio, or to achieve a fixed height:

The result is show in the image below (each image is resized to match a height of 100 pixels):

Sorry for posting such anecdotical stuff, as I'm really focusing on the Microbe project until end 2010.
Hopefully I will be able to show more interesting stuff then.

Download source (as2).