script code test

Je viens d'installer le bidule qui permet de mettre du code actionscript dans une page HTML.
Alors voici une ptite fonction:

function superDestroy(p:Object)
var t:Array = ["stop", "close", "dispose", "destroy"];
var total:int = t.length;
for (var i:int = 0; i < total; i++)
if (p.hasOwnProperty(t[i])) p[t[i]]();

Je suis pas trop fan des "private-jokes-de-flasheur", mais c'en est une.
Plus sérieusement, j'espère pouvoir proposer bientôt un kit de survie décent pour l'as3 .


disk-mapping on a sphere in flash

Mapping disks on a sphere?

Click on the buttons in lower-left to see some creations of mine .
You can also test yourself by typing a bracketted list of polar coordinates, cone angle, and color, then press the button in lower-right.


AS3 might become usable in multi-SWF projects

Thx to the vigilance of Grant Skinner, and to the tedious tests/debugging of probably many other developpers, the problem of "unloading SWF cleanly" is on the track of some sort of improvement.
Relevant links in historical order:
  1. AS3 ressource management part1
  2. AS3 ressource management part2
  3. AS3 ressource management part3
  4. Failure to Unload: Flash player 9's dirty secret
  5. UnloadAndStop in Flash Player 10
  6. Addtionnal information on Loader.unloadAndStop
An very interesting "good practice" to cope with memory management is the Janitor class, by G.Skinner again .
It can be found here: Resource management for ActionScript 3 (AS3) and Flex 2 (the Janitor class is in the ZIP file).


Flash dancer, 10 years ago ;-)

Thanks to my Mom', (who had recorded it on VHS tape), and to neighbour colleague Fred Flosi (who digitalized it), an old archive is now visible on the internet:

The URL displayed in the video is probably no longer active. Now the dancer is visible on Globz website.

The VO basically says that it's one the first "interactive comics character on the internet", which may be an overstatement . But at least it was the starting point of a new adventure for me: about Flash, about Globz, about (playing and) making games, . To be continued ...

Edit: actually, I created the dancer in sept 1997. The (very cool) music used in this video version was a Julien Jabre (unautorized ) sample. Like many people at this time, he received the dancing creature by e-mail and recognized his music !!. Finally we got an agreement with his label to use the sample for non-commercial use.

BTW, I switch to english

Last year was spent to post anecdotic messages, mostly in french, and with the hidden purpose () of getting more familiar with the "blog" stuff . Although I'm more capable of humour in my native language (french), I don't want to maintain 2 languages versions of my posts. It was hard to choose between "be subtle" or "be understandable by 1000 times more people" (syntaxically at least) !

Then, I will switch to english. My posts will probably become even shorter
Comments in french will be welcome, though.
On some occasions, I'll write post in french if it's only France-relevant or too difficult for my english .

GOSWF: a SGF viewer for go/baduk/weiqi games

I've released GoSWF, a flash viewer for Go game.
GOSWF is freeware, and designed to be used on forum, websites.
The colors can be changed to match the hosting website color style.

Currently, GOSWF is used on goigo.org forum (games are visible only for registered users), and british go association.

I'm working on a stand-alone version (PC), for fast and easy SGF viewing (SGF is the standard format for go games).
Some editing features should be added in both versions (online + standalone).

About Go: an ancient asian strategy game. Some day, I will have to tell why I love this game so much !! Recently (in comparison with go 4000 years history), Go game has gained a popularity boost thanks to Hikaru no Go manga (and anime).


La vie des blobs

Ho ho, j'ai retrouvé un vieux CD d'archive (1994).
Mon sujet de DEA était l'utilisation de particules 3D en interaction..
Souvenirs, souvenirs

Plutôt long (3 min), idéal pour un économiseur d'écran .



L'enfer de l'information ordinaire

Bonne année 2008!

Dernièrement j'ai lu "L'enfer de l'information ordinaire" de Christian Morel, un livre très intéressant sur (entre autres):
  • les ergonomies foireuses,
  • le manque de clarté des modes d'emplois,
  • l'incompréhensibilité des pictogrammes,
... qu'on retrouve dans notre vie quotidienne.
L'intérêt du livre est qu'il analyse le phénomène, l'explique en partie, et propose des solutions.
Surement très utile pour les concepteurs d'interfaces (de sites, de jeux, d'applications) et pour les rédacteurs d'aide ou mode d'emploi.

ps: merci à Lolo de m'avoir prêté le bouquin.
(photo et lien: amazon.fr)