Goswf integration in your blog


Yess, it works !!!

In 2008, I released Goswf, a light-weight viewer for displaying Go games on websites (forums, blogs, etc., ...).

Goswf can now be displayed in vertical format, which is much more suitable for blogs.
I've also simplified color management for more esthetic integration in hosting websites.

Check this tutorial for integrating in your blog.

[EDIT: this method only works with a Blogger blog (example here). If you use a different blog system, you have to host goswf.swf and SGF files either on this system, either on your own server. In the example above, goswf and the SGF file are located on my server at www.gludion.com]


  1. It seems that the SWF doesn't load properly in IE6. Working on this..

  2. If goswf.swf and the SGF files are located on a Google server (ie sites.google.com), the blog page must also be a "google" page (such as blogger). In my case, it's a subdomain of gludion.com: that's why it didn't work.
    I checked on a brand new blogger blog - without subdomain- and it worked nicely: http://goswf.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi,
    This is a real utility! Thanks for the information.