Flash dinosaurs: 1998 flash 3 games!!

This post was inspired by a recent video (in french) about flash past and future.
In 1998 I've done 2 games for a french web agency (FKGB) for distribution on a web portal (Chello): GunMan series! The distribution rights were 5-years exclusive so it's ok now .
It was my beginnings in professional Flash game development and the technology was Flash 3. The only programming instructions were mc.gotoAndStop(num). Thus, my creative approach was to think about animation, movieclip hierarchies, and "state clips" (a trick I used for representing variables in a multi-children clip). I did the graphic design too.
Here is the most funny:

click the yellow button to launch the ball,
click or roll over on the flippers to activate them

There was also this one (CAUTION: violent!! Not for all ages! ) and this intro (waaay too long ).
I must confess there is some "chman" flavor.


  1. Damned, i talked about this game few days agos, it's nice to see it !

  2. damn. I remembered you showed this at the Flash Festival in 2003 or 2004. Still very impressive! :D