GOSWF: a SGF viewer for go/baduk/weiqi games

I've released GoSWF, a flash viewer for Go game.
GOSWF is freeware, and designed to be used on forum, websites.
The colors can be changed to match the hosting website color style.

Currently, GOSWF is used on goigo.org forum (games are visible only for registered users), and british go association.

I'm working on a stand-alone version (PC), for fast and easy SGF viewing (SGF is the standard format for go games).
Some editing features should be added in both versions (online + standalone).

About Go: an ancient asian strategy game. Some day, I will have to tell why I love this game so much !! Recently (in comparison with go 4000 years history), Go game has gained a popularity boost thanks to Hikaru no Go manga (and anime).


  1. i want have goswf for my forum (use phpbb3).
    Help me!
    My email: khongtu19bk@yahoo.com or covay.org@gmail.com

    Thanks you.

  2. this goswf is awesome!! previously, i only knew flashgoban and eidogo..flashgoban is hard to embed on blog and doesnt enable tree-viewing...eidogo is much better but u need to clik XD, i am a bit lazy u know, XD...

    then urs is released!!! the best ever flash go viewer!!

  3. May I use it on my blog? my email: tranphuong@inbox.com

  4. How I can integrated Goswf in Kunena-forum?

  5. @Anonymous: sorry I don't know. Check the ZIP file for an example of phpBB integration. Probably something similar can be done in Kunema, if you can get help from Kunema community ;)

  6. Thank you very much for your amazing work!

    We choosed goswf as an SGF-files' viewer for our forum - http://weiqi.crimea.ua/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=18. It works just Great!

    Happy New Year,
    best wishes from Crimean Go Federation!