Flash dancer, 10 years ago ;-)

Thanks to my Mom', (who had recorded it on VHS tape), and to neighbour colleague Fred Flosi (who digitalized it), an old archive is now visible on the internet:

The URL displayed in the video is probably no longer active. Now the dancer is visible on Globz website.

The VO basically says that it's one the first "interactive comics character on the internet", which may be an overstatement . But at least it was the starting point of a new adventure for me: about Flash, about Globz, about (playing and) making games, . To be continued ...

Edit: actually, I created the dancer in sept 1997. The (very cool) music used in this video version was a Julien Jabre (unautorized ) sample. Like many people at this time, he received the dancing creature by e-mail and recognized his music !!. Finally we got an agreement with his label to use the sample for non-commercial use.


  1. "video no longer available" !! faut faire kekchose Olivier

  2. hello, what a nice surprise to find this blog! I *love* this first version of the Flash Dancer... and I kept a copy of the file in a 5 1/2 inch floppy disk!! I've just downloaded it and the 192 kb dancer is happily dancing in my computer, to the old music! (I like much better the first version than the one with blue background in the webpage). Thanks for creating this little gem!
    Elena, caminodelmedio@gmail.com vancouver Canada

  3. i can send you the original flash executable if you like. mail me recrea33@gmail.com. 80)

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  5. Flash dancer http://pilgrim-site.narod.ru/flash/Dancer.swf