disk-mapping on a sphere in flash

Mapping disks on a sphere?

Click on the buttons in lower-left to see some creations of mine .
You can also test yourself by typing a bracketted list of polar coordinates, cone angle, and color, then press the button in lower-right.


  1. autour de 60-70 fps dans FireFox et 100-125 fps en standalone. C'est fou u_u.

  2. tiens mais je connais ce Flasheur !
    ben sur ta démo on voit bien aussi la différence de performance sur Mac, enfin bon ça nous oblige à mieux optimiser nos projets... :)

  3. Two observations I made (some years ago, so it may change with IE7 or FP10) about performance:
    - ActiveX removes at least 20% of your framerate, without apparent reason.
    - Strangely, it doesn't happen in Internet Explorer.

    I didn't find any explanation of this.

  4. hey, it seems that Firefox 3 (that I just installed 1 hour ago) has no "framerate tax". The framerate is exactly the same as in standalone version !!
    Vive Firefox! Vive Mozilla ! :D

  5. I said "- Strangely, it doesn't happen in Internet Explorer."
    ... but it seems that IE6 AND IE7 still cause a -50% loss of framerate (it may be -30% for lower framerates like 30 fps).
    When I researched the subject (in 2004), IE(5) was doing better than activeX-based wrappers (Zinc, Swfkit,..). Only Jugglor could preserve the orginal framerate by using exe projectors instead of activeX.

  6. now, try with Google Chrome :p

  7. Hey, I want source of this =)