AS3 might become usable in multi-SWF projects

Thx to the vigilance of Grant Skinner, and to the tedious tests/debugging of probably many other developpers, the problem of "unloading SWF cleanly" is on the track of some sort of improvement.
Relevant links in historical order:
  1. AS3 ressource management part1
  2. AS3 ressource management part2
  3. AS3 ressource management part3
  4. Failure to Unload: Flash player 9's dirty secret
  5. UnloadAndStop in Flash Player 10
  6. Addtionnal information on Loader.unloadAndStop
An very interesting "good practice" to cope with memory management is the Janitor class, by G.Skinner again .
It can be found here: Resource management for ActionScript 3 (AS3) and Flex 2 (the Janitor class is in the ZIP file).

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