Goswf version 0.94

GOSWF now allow to pass directly SGF data in replacement of the sgf URL.

Example of HTML code:
flashvars="url=(;GM[1]AW[bb][cb][cc][cd][de][df][cg][ch][dh][ai][bi][ci]AB[ba][ab][ac][bc][bd][be][cf][bg][bh](;B[af];W[ah](;B[ce];W[ag] C[only one eye this way])(;B[ag];W[ce]))(;B[ah];W[af](;B[ae];W[bf];B[ag];W[bf](;B[af];W[ce]C[oops! you can't take this stone])(;B[ce];W[af];B[bg] C[RIGHT black plays under the stones and lives]))(;B[bf];W[ae]))(;B[ae];W[ag]))"
height="600" width="440"
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" ></EMBED>

The result is show here:

(note: this is a problem, then possible moves in variation are not shown. Right-click + "show variations" to see variations)
Check goswf homepage for more info.

[EDIT 2010/02/12]: it seems that it doesn't work on IE if the file goswf.swf is located on a google site. Therefore it seems better to host this file on your own site. It's strange, because Koji's method of Koji uses a google site and it works fine on IE. I need to investigate this further.


  1. on safari (mac os), animation never loaded ?

  2. You are right, thx for submittting this.

    I tried to fix it and it turns out that if I don't use the google site URL for goswf.swf, it seems to work (see EDIT).